Herblore Rescue Remedy, 1oz

Herblore Rescue Remedy, 1oz


Herb Lore’s Rescue Remedy is useful for so many things
that it is commonly referred to as "911 in a bottle"!

Rescue Remedy is a flower essence blend that is extremely helpful to ease any stressful situation. Flower Essences work on the emotional body, like herbs work on the physical body. It has a calming and centering effect and is useful for any upset, anxiety or trauma (either physical or emotional), including panic attacks, accidents or injuries. It is safe for use by all - newborns, adults (including pregnant and nursing women), pets and plants too! One client used this extensively in her early nursing days and reported "I would put a few drops on my nipple, which helped me with the pain, and gave my daughter a reference point to find the nipple. She would then get the Rescue Remedy in her mouth, which would calm her down enough to really latch on and we would have a successful nurse! It's great stuff!"

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Made in the USA

Rescue Remedy 1 oz. bottle

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