Herblore Labor Tincture, 1oz

Herblore Labor Tincture, 1oz


Encourages the uterus to begin contracting

Helps to initiate labor or re-start a stalled labor. Due to its uterine stimulating properties, Herb Lore’s Labor Tincture is also useful in cases of retained placenta and postpartum bleeding. And it helps in cases of incomplete miscarriage.

Note: Do not use until the last part of pregnancy to avoid starting premature labor, and not for use while nursing.

Contains the following herbs in an alcohol-based tincture:
Black Cohosh - Helps the uterus to contract in a coordinated and effective way. Black Cohosh will also help soften and ripen the cervix.

Blue Cohosh - Encourages the uterus to begin contracting, and increases the force of the contractions.
Ginger Root - This herb focuses energy in the pelvic area, and increases the energy available to the uterus.

Birthroot - This herb adds its "prompt and persistent" influence on the uterus, initiating contractions and speeding the action of the Cohoshes and helping to energize the uterus.

How to use Labor Tincture
Take 1/2 dropperful under the tongue every half-hour until contractions begin. Contractions will build slowly; do not discontinue until they become regular. Always start this procedure with sleep and a good meal behind you on the off-chance that it would start labor immediately. Generally, it takes 2-3 days for labor to really begin.

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Labor Tincture 1 oz.

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