Herblore Pregnancy Tea, 2.5oz

Herblore Pregnancy Tea, 2.5oz


Helps to facilitate placenta delivery
and aids in postpartum recovery, too!

Herb Lore’s Pregnancy Tea is loaded with natural vitamins and minerals that are readily absorbed by the body. It is a combination that helps to tone the uterine muscle and helps to prevent miscarriage and postpartum hemorrhage due to a relaxed or atonic uterus. It is helpful in relieving morning sickness and helps the uterus work in a more efficient way during labor and birth, thus perhaps making birth easier and faster. It is recommended for use during the entire pregnancy, and even for postpartum recovery. It is very health-building and safe for both mom and baby, and it tastes great too!

Ice chips made from the tea provides nutrition and fluids to the new mother during labor. Adding a bit of honey provides extra energy.

Pregnancy Tea contains Red Raspberry Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa, Chamomile, Oatstraw with Milky Oat Tops and Peppermint Leaf.

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Made in the USA

Pregnancy Tea - 2.5 oz.

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