VIM Socks Cotton Black/Brown S

VIM Socks Cotton Black/Brown S

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VIM & VIGR's Cotton Collection uses the highest quality fabrics and the most cutting-edge compression technology. The multi-dimsensional weave and 200-needle count allow for comfort, flexibility, and breathability.

Pregnancy increases blood volume and pressure, which can inhibit blood flow and lead to swelling, fatigue, and varicose veins. In fact, about 30% of all expectant mothers will experience varicose veins during their first pregnancy. After a second or subsequent pregnancy, the odds increase to 55%.

These high-functioning socks help:
• Energize legs
• Prevent swelling
• Alleviate achiness and heaviness
• Prevent and reduce spider and varicose veins
• Aid in muscle recovery
• Great for air travel
• Not just for pregnancy or travel!

• Graduated compression from ankle to calf
• Contoured leg and heel for a superior fit
• Flexible toe pocket for extra comfort
• Spandex throughout the sock
• Compression level: 15-20 mmHg (Appropriate for all-day, everyday wear)

Material: 50% Cotton, 20, 18% Rubber, % Nylon, 12% Spandex (Latex-Free)

Designed in Missoula, MT. Made in Taiwan.
Shipping Weight: 1lb

Compression Socks - Cotton

Black & Brown Dots

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