Freemie Freedom Pump 32mm (L)

Freemie Freedom Pump 32mm (L)

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First ever breast pump collection system that is both hands free and concealable! With Freemie collection cups, there is no need to undress or use a lacation room. Wear your ordinary clothing and bra and enjoy the freedom to be around others while pumping.

The 8-oz collection cups fit right into your bra, under your clothing. When you are finished pumping, you can pour your collected breast milk into any bottle for storage and feeding.

The Freedom Double Electric Pump has a nearly identical suction strength as other major leading brands of electric pumps. It's quiet, compact, and attractive.

The Freemie Freedom Set includes the quiet, adjustable, electric Freedom pump and two 8-oz concealable collection cups (16-oz capacity total) for hands-free double pumping; Freemie Freedom Electric Breast Pump with 64-inch integrated power cord (120-volt AC); Freemie Freedom Connection Kit .

Shipping Weight 5 lb

Manufactured in USA

Freedom Double Electric Pump

32 mm (Large)

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