SweetHerb Nettle Tonic 4oz
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SweetHerb Nettle Tonic 4oz


Nettle Tonic is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, silicon, magnesium, zinc and many others. A reproductive tonic, Nettle is used to alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause. Increases milk flow and relieves heavy uterine bleeding. Superb tonic for the genitourinary tract, strengthens weak kidneys, and works excellent for hay fever and allergies too! Nettles are a supreme simple used for adrenal exhaustion. They are gentle yet effective, and can be used long term to help treat the adrenal glands.

4 ounce dropper bottle

Great for the whole family!

Made in USA
Shipping Weight 8 oz

Nettle Tonic 4oz

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