IV Sanitary Pads Overnight 3pk
Imse Vimse

IV Sanitary Pads Overnight 3pk

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• ImseVimse washable and reusable feminine products are environmentally friendly and economical
• Made of absorbant and breathable 100% organic cotton with an internal layer of waterproof polyester with PUL to prevent leaks
• Wings fold around your panties and snap to keep the pad securely in place
• Use the night pad for heavy flow or overnight protection

Set of three per package

For best results, soak in cold water with ImseVimse Gall Soap immediately after use
wash on hot, hang to dry or tumble dry on low.
Pretreat stains with ImseVimse Wash Away Stain Soap.
Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.

Made in Europe
Shipping Weight: 16 oz

Sanitary Pads- Overnight 3pk

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