Herblore Fenugreek Tincture, 4oz

Herblore Fenugreek Tincture, 4oz


Fenugreek is one of the most effective herbs for increasing breastmilk production. It has been successful in even the most difficult of cases. Fenugreek must be used with consistency to experience best results.

In a small percentage of people, Fenugreek can cause gas in mother and/or baby. Adding Fennel, Nursing Tea, Nursing Tincture, Tummy Tea or Tincture will help alleviate this problem while working to increase milk production. Once the milk supply is stable, it is recommended to gradually wean down from Fenugreek, as a sudden decrease in herb consumption can cause a drop in milk supply.

Fenugreek is not recommended for use during pregnancy as it has some slight uterine stimulating properties. Fenugreek should also be avoided by those diabetics or those on strict insulin regimens. Fenugreek is also a member of the Legume family, so people with allergies or sensitivities should avoid Fenugreek as well. If these contraindications prevent you from using Fenugreek, Goats Rue, Blessed Thistle, Nursing Tea or Nursing Tincture would be great alternatives.

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Fenugreek Tincture

4 oz. jar

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