GroVia Booster 2 pack, Organic

GroVia Booster 2 pack, Organic


Unbleached, all-natural, certified organic cotton fabric. GroVia Boosters are uniquely contoured to fit as a part of the Gro ia One Size Diaper System. They add in absorbency where it is needed - right down the center.

These GroVia Boosters do not snap, but instead, lay atop the GroVia Snap In Soaker. Both absorbent pads fit perfectly inside the Gro Baby One-Size Diaper outer shell. This Gro Baby "shell" is sealed with a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes) laminate - a durable, hard-working fabric laminate that provides outstanding waterproof protection; keeping moisture in and baby's clothes dry.

GroVia One Size Diaper System wraps baby up in a comfortable, non-constraining, cloth diaper system perfect for day to day or even, overnight absorbency needs.

Shipping Weight: 8 oz

Made in China

Organic Booster 2 Pk


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