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Baby Bits Kit *


Baby Bits™ wipes solution is an Earth-friendly alternative to disposable wipes. With JUST one box of Baby Bits™, you can make enough solution to wet 1,000 wipes! It’s really easy to use -- Dissolve 1 Baby Bit™ per cup of hot water in a spray bottle or wipes warmer. Spray Baby Bits™ wipes solution on a clean, dry cloth and wipe.

Made from PLANT-DERIVED ingredients and ESSENTIAL OILS, Baby Bits™ is gentle on sensitive skin and the Earth. 100% Vegetarian Ingredients: coconut oil glycerin soap, organic plantain & chickweed herbs, virgin olive oil, pure essential oil of tea tree and lavender.

The Baby Bits™ Starter Kit has everything you need to get started using Baby Bits today!

Box of Baby Bits™ wipes solution
Baby Bits™ Spray Bottle
OsoCozy® ORGANIC Flannel Wipes

Packaging is Earth-friendly and is recyclable and compostable.

Bits Made in USA
Shipping Weight 8 oz

Wipes Solution Starter Kit

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